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We are Midnight Taiko Kai (深夜太鼓会), a volunteer-run, non-profit group of Taiko performers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We exist to engage the public in music and Japanese culture, making it a meaningful part of their lives. We're driven by movement, learning, and community, and we aspire to musical excellence.

Starting in 2006 with two drums in a basement, we've grown into a full ensemble with over 80 years' combined experience, performing at 100+ events across western Canada and Japan. Our diverse backgrounds converge in a shared passion for honouring and deepening our understanding of this essential part of Japanese cultural heritage. We collaborate with other Taiko groups, musicians, and artists, drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse styles of Taiko ensembles worldwide.

Midnight Taiko members at the 2023 annual general meeting


To learn, preserve, and promote Taiko in Calgary and beyond

We believe Taiko unleashes the raw energy deep within us all. We strive to unify the body, mind, and spirit through one of Japan’s most vibrant cultural gifts. 


We share our passion for drumming in performances using powerful rhythms, eye-catching choreography, and captivating energy. We also offer workshops and classes to share the transformative power of Taiko. Come experience it for yourself!


Making magic happen on stage

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