Taiko has roots in classical Japanese festivals and traditions but has evolved into a modern, unifying art form where groups of passionate individuals push their limits. Come and experience Taiko drumming through one of our workshops where you will learn about the history of Taiko and gain a strong foundation in Japanese drumming, various playing styles, choreography, and traditional Taiko pieces. We offer two levels of workshops – Beginner and Intermediate – and recommend you take our Beginner workshop before registering for the Intermediate workshop, unless you have previous Taiko experience. You can read more information on each workshop as well as register below.



Looking for a more casual, fun way to learn Taiko drumming without the time committment? We are now offering TAIKO HOUR! A chance to drop in whenever it fits your schedule to come and experience the art of Taiko drumming.

Visit our TAIKO HOUR page for more details and registration dates and times.


In this 3-day workshop you will learn about the history of Taiko as well as learn the fundamentals of Taiko drumming. We will be teaching common rhythms and backbeats along with drumming drills and exercises on the Beta (flat) stand, and work towards performing a traditional Taiko piece. We also hope to provide you with an appreciation for the art as well as give you the basic drumming skills needed to begin your Taiko journey.

Skills you will learn:

  • Proper stance, holding the bachi, hitting the drum
  • Playing on Beta (flat) stand
  • Backbeats and rhythms
  • Working towards a traditional Taiko piece

Upcoming Dates

  • Please check back for future workshop dates

Register for Beginner

Registration for the Beginner Workshops will open when workshop dates are announced. If you are interested in joining a 3-day Beginner workshop and would like to be on our email list, please contact us at


In this 3-day workshop you will continue to build upon the foundation and skills from the Beginner’s Workshop and begin to focus more on the performance aspect of Taiko drumming. We will introduce you to more difficult playing styles using the naname (angle) stand, hitting techniques, complex rhythms through the incorporation of choreography, stage presence, and start to learn the basics of some of the Taiko pieces in our repertoire. If time allows, we may also introduce the Odaiko and suwari (sitting) style of Taiko drumming.

Skills you will learn:

  • Kiai-ing, choreography, and stage presence
  • Playing on the Naname (angle) stand
  • Complex rhythms and accents
  • An intermediate Taiko piece

Upcoming Dates

  • Please check back for future workshop dates

Register for Intermediate

Registration for the Intermediate Workshop is through invitation only. You may register if you have previously taken a Beginner Workshop with us or have previous Taiko drumming experience.

We also offer school shows where we can customize a program for your school event or music program. We can do a performance for the entire school or hold tailored workshops for any number of students. Email us at for more information.