Maintaining the Tradition at Otafest

May 24, 2015

From our humble beginnings way back in 2006, one of our first events and most closely affiliated partner has always been the Otafest Anime Convention. Just as it has grown from a small 1-day film festival to an annual 3-day convention with over 4000 attendees, our group has grown along with it. Every year we are fortunate enough to be invited back to perform, and this year was our 9th consecutive year in a row. On a bright, sunny day over May Long weekend, we performed a 30-minute set at our regular spot in front of the Science B building on the University of Calgary campus to a large audience of 200 to 300 costume-clad conference attendees. We enjoy Otafest so much because of the rapt attention of the audience during the performance and the interest we receive afterwards when we allow the audience to come up and give them a chance to try out the drums for themselves. Our favorite performances are always the ones where we can see the audience feel the raw vibrations of the Taiko drums and the excitement it generates. Spreading our love of Taiko and seeing that passion ignited in our audience is what fuels us and keeps us going, and this year’s Otafest was no exception!

We had a great time performing that day and wanted to share a great video of our performance of “Himatsuri”. We hope you enjoy!