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With a music and dance background, Charlie has been playing Taiko since 2001, after she was blown away by a performance by Kita-no-Taiko. After attending as many workshops as she could get her hands on, she became an apprentice with a professional duo in Kamikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. After a bit more drumming in Calgary, she then moved back to Hokkaido to apprentice with the professional group Hashimoto-ryu Jigoku Taiko under the instruction of Hashimoto, the top Taiko master in Hokkaido. After returning to Calgary in 2006, she founded Midnight Taiko Kai with Jenny Zhao and Ben Lim. She played with Midnight until 2008 when she moved to New Zealand to play with Wai Taiko in Hamilton. She now plays with Raijin Taiko based in Nelson, on the Top of the South Island. Her strengths include musical improvisation, shinobue (flute), performance and group facilitation.

*** Charlie was with Midnight Taiko from 2006 to 2008. She currently lives and continues to perform in New Zealand ***