Immigrants of Distinction Awards Gala

March 10, 2014

The Immigrants of Distinction Awards Gala held on March 7th, 2014 is a ceremony to praise immigrants who have come to Calgary and have made significant contributions to their neighbourhoods and society. It’s a prestigious award that highlights the diverse ethnic backgrounds that make up the fabric of Calgary, and one that many look forward to and have the hope of being honored with the award. During the event, there were several cultural performance including Thai and Latin dancing, Chinese opera, and of course, Taiko drumming.

We were generously invited to participate in the meal portion of the evening before the performance as part grtitude for performing that evening, so the members of Midnight Taiko all got dressed up to attend the event. It wasn’t long after that we had to change into our Taiko costumes, and transformed into slick looking drummers. We managed to get a before and after shot of the group along with the banner, and the result is fantastic.

For more information about the awards and the IDA Gala, visit their website.