We are Midnight Taiko Kai, a community group of performance-based Taiko drummers located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who love to spread the art of Japanese drumming. The group was formed in 2006 by three members – Ruth Ablett, Ben Lim and Jenny Zhao – who brought with them a combined 15 years of Taiko experience from groups throughout Japan and the United States.

From humble beginnings with two drums in a basement, the group has now grown to 15 full members and several apprentices with over 60 years of combined drumming experience. The group currently owns over 14 Taiko drums and have performed at well over 100 events throughout Calgary and Alberta. The songs in our repertoire have strong roots from traditional Taiko groups from the Kamikawa region of Hokkaido, Japan, but our inspiration comes from the rich and diverse styles of Taiko ensembles from Japan and throughout the world.

We are always challenging to improve ourselves as individuals and as a group by constantly learning, practicing, and perpetuating our love of the art. We strive to incorporate new ideas by adding different sounds, movements, and melodies to keep our audience engaged. We share our passion for drumming at a wide variety of events through performances with powerful rhythms, eye-catching choreography, and captivating energy. We also hold many workshops and classes at our practice centre and at schools throughout the year to give others the opportunity to experience the power of Taiko drumming.

Midnight Taiko Kai – Drumming deep into the night.

Midnight Taiko Kai Members (2019)

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